Linear Low Density Polyethylene

1 Product Description
“LL 0220 AA” is a LLDPE copolymer with butene as comonomer which contains antioxidant. This grade is suitable for the production of blown lm for light duty applications and for the production of cast stretch lm. Film made from LL 0220 AA can be produced at higher output com pared to standard 1 MFR LLDPE butene copolymers. Neutralizer: Zinc Oxide Antioxidant: Irganox1010, Irganox168
2 Applications
  •  Food Grade
  • Light and medium duty film.
  • Stretch film
no Property Value Unit Test Method
1 Melt Flow Rate ( 2.16kg) 2.2 g/10min ISO 1133
2 Density 920 Kg/m3 ISO 1183
3 Tensile Strength at Yield MD/TD 10/11 MPa ISO 527
4 Tensile Strength at Break MD/TD 36/28 MPa ISO 527
5 Elongation at Break MD/TD 600/800 % ISO 527
6 Tear Strength MD/TD 110/300 g/25 ASTM D1922
7 Dart Drop Impact 130 g ASTM D1709
8 Vicat Softening TO 93 o C ISO 306