The amount of polypropylene consumed by the supplementary industry

The meeting was held today at the meeting of the Committee for the determination of the supply of petrochemical products by the National Association of Plast and Polymer Industries of Iran, with the participation of the Petrochemical Quarterly Trade Association , the Commodity Exchange Organization, the Representative of the Iranian Textile Industry Association, Maroon Petrochemicals Representative .

The purpose of the meeting was to determine the supply side of petrochemicals that was formed by the Petrochemical Expertise Committee at the market regulator. ( Click here for more information ).

First, Buick Sahaf Amin, chairman of the National Board of Directors, reported on the lack of supply of polypropylene materials , and emphasized the need to determine the need for downstream industries to require petrochemicals to meet market requirements.

Then, regarding the reform of the Internet Explorer system, discussions have also been argued that Ms. Mahmoudi, a representative of the Office of Advanced Industrial Development, said: "It seems that reforming the system is crucial because a large part of the mediation and cost of materials is due to its problems. The system.

Then the chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Association continued: "There are a lot of misgivings to the best finder that we are all in the process. According to the National Association, the way of reforming is also redefining the quotas based on three factors (insurance, value added and electricity consumption), as already stated.

Determine the amount of polypropylene consumption in complementary industries

According to a report by the National Association of Suppliers of Supply, Demand and Competitions Made in Polypropylene Textile and Chemical Products , the critical situation of these grades was presented. ( Click here to download a report )

Amin binder said, "We now have to examine how much production on the basis of this report, every petrochemical plant, and then open up a system in which the manufacturer finds out which types of grades Consumes After months of verifying the summons on the basis of statistics.

Subsequently, the various categories of polypropylene materials based on actual consumption of the downstream industries were studied further, with the goal of identifying different polypropylene materials to grade the grade to extract the required amount.

Accordingly, Mr. Jahromi, a representative of the Commodity Exchange Organization, categorized by a representative of the Textile Association today at a regular meeting, classified companies from the stock exchange and presented them to the committee at a forthcoming meeting.