Linear Low Density Polyethylene

1 Product Description
“LL 0209AA” is a LLDPE copolymer with butene as comonomer which contains antioxidant. It is recommended for general purpose applications. It is suitable for blending with conventional LDPE. Film made from pure LL 02090 AA has the following advantages over conventional LDPE: Better sealing,higher puncture resistance Greater drawdown capability. Higher tensile strength. Neutralizer: Calcium Stearate. Antioxidant: Irganox1010, Irganox168
2 applications
  • Food Grade
  • Heave duty sacks, agricultural lms, liners
  • Produce bags, stretch lm
no Property Result Value Unit Test Method
1 MFR ( 190o C/2.16kg) 0.9 g/10min ISO 1133
2 Density 920 Kg/m3 ISO 1183
3 Tensile Strength at Yield MD/TD 10/11 MPa ISO 527
4 Tensile Strength at Break MD/TD 41/32 MPa ISO 527
5 Elongation at Break MD/TD 620/840 % ISO 527
6 Tear Strength MD/TD 145/370 g/25 ASTM D1922
7 Dart Drop Impact 150 g ASTM D1709