Linear Low Density Polyethylene

1 Product Description
“LL 0220 KJ” is a LLDPE copolymer with butene-1 as comonomer which contains antioxidant, slip and antilock additives. This grade is suitable for the production of blown lm for light duty applications with a high slip requirement. Film made from LL 0220 KJ can be produced at higher output compared to standard 1 MFR LLDPE butene copolymers.
2 applications
  • Light and medium duty lm.
Medium Slip/Antiblock Grade
Additive Silica Talc
Neutralizer Calcium Stearate Calcium Stearate
Antioxidant Irganox1010 , Irgafos168 Irganox1010 , Irgafos168
Antiblock Siloblock47 Talc ABT 250
Slip Erucamide Erucamide

No. Property Value Unit Test Method
1 Melt Flow Rate ( 2.16kg) 2.4 g/10min ISO 1133
2 Density 921 Kg/m3 ISO 1183
3 Tensile Strength at Yield MD/TD 10/11 MPa ISO 527
4 Tensile Strength at Break MD/TD 36/28 MPa ISO 527
5 Elongation at Break MD/TD 600/800 % ISO 527
6 Tear Strength MD/TD 110/300 g/25 ASTM D1922
7 Dart Drop Impact 130 g ASTM D1709
8 Vicat Softening TO 93 o C ISO 306